Welcome to Advanced Steel Detailing!
Advanced Detailing Solutions offers a complete range of Structural Steel Detailing Services. Our Structural Detailers are equipped with state of the art technology, software, and equipment. In addition, they bring a vast amount of experience to each project. We work hard to ensure that our standards and techniques are regularly updated to yield greater quality, flexibility, and productivity. We work with your company to develop a communication plan that ensures that your fabrication drawings are executed in a manner consistent with your high standards. We begin the detailing process by conducting a thorough review of the design documents using our 27 item check list to make sure the design documents are complete. Then we prepare a complete “Detailing Schedule” listing all the required fabrication and erection documents. Our efficient detailing methods reduce potential schedule delays and keep our prices reasonable, allowing you to be more competitive.
Structural Steel Details Drawn according to industry Standards
  • American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)
  • American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM)
  • American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC)
  • National Design Specifications (NDS)
  • American Welding Society (ASCE)
  • Steel Deck Institute
  • Steel Joist Institute
  • Steel Erectors Association of USA
  • American Galvanizers Association
The Advantages of using Our Services
  • Reliable service with cost savings
  • Services are tailored to fit your existing design or fabrication process
  • Complete Data Security
  • 3D Modeling for efficient project management
  • Strict adherence to customer’s specifications and schedule
  • RFI Management Service
  • Design document review using our 27 item check list
  • Professional, courteous, and prompt service
Gallery Of Projects
Our professionals have a portfolio of projects which comprise a wide range of buildings from high-schools to high rise office buildings including such noteworthy projects as the Dumont high school (500 tons), the Sloan Kettering Memorial Cancer Center (650 tons), Lees Summit Hospital (600 tons), the South Terminal of the Miami Airport (2200 tons) and the New YorkTimes Building (1800 tons).…
Detailing Services
Simply stated, your shop and erection crews will be more efficient as a direct result of clear, precise, and complete fabrication details and erection drawings. After a thorough review of the design documents using our 27 item check list, we immediately inform you of any missing information through a well managed RFI program. A complete set of design documents at the earliest stages of the detailing process helps to……
Drawing Format
Our drawings are prepared using both 2D and 3D computer models with automated detailing tools which help our structural detailers to create more precise detailing and fabrication shop drawings. Our drawings will be compliant with AISC detailing practices or we can change and adapt many drawing elements according to your requirements. Drawings can be transferred electronically and then plotted or...